We are working to make this site better and better, and we’d love to hear from you, our users about what you’d like to see added or changed next! We have a lot ideas about what we want to do to make the site better for everyone, and I have heard a few ideas come out in the chat room itself. If everyone will add a comment below with their suggestions then we can keep them all in one place and add further comments on the ideas. Much better than just getting a random pm in the chat room – so tell us what you think!

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  1. Hi Nash am sakib regular visitor of this site and I have seen RG is doing well in his job as mod so I prefer RG to b a admin as he will b a good admin and a good friend to all users…..

    now tell all what u feel on ssd and rockker99 nash u to tell me …yy ppls are taking all to personal level cant ssd and rocker also learn to use iggy button

    • now ppls dnt blame me i posted what i saw and wall i posted it thats all well one more thing here nash hd used invite neatchat when he was mod or before in pivt chat…there is lot to consider when u appoint admin well i know u will do it and well my ay of thinking may be strange it is on right path(truth)…

  3. Dear nash
    well good to see u back in suggestion bos after long time………..
    well i got few things to tell as still going on in site bacially kathiri is good moderator no doubt but she is nt taking step forward to take action against some regular users like ssd and rocker99 both this 2 insults u in site taking ur name as i seen many times and i sent u few mails too ….. soo just think on this matter off ssd and rocker99
    Then second but last kathri is good mod continue her well but dnt bring back rough gentelman and harddick64
    last but nt least u can consider for new moderator post is piya and atom

  4. I don’t know how is this possible, but when I enter the chatroom through my mobile. I have options for kicking and muting people.I have restrained myself from kicking using that button for some time, but then one day someone insulted someone and I kicked him. He came back with another user name and went quiet thinking that you have made me the new moderator. I have stopped logging in from mobile after that. So when I logged in today to check if everything has gone back to normal. I still have the kick and ignore buttons. And it only works with my id “Max Payne”, I just wanna be normal again. I know it’s illegal to kick people when you are not the mod. So I am keeping my mobile away, till you find an antidote for me. It only works with the mobile interface.

  5. Hi Nash,

    I am not sure where are these baseless accusations coming in from. Since the day I have logged into this site I have never seen RG violate the rules as an admin or take advantage of them. This site needs to have an admin and along with Kathiri who has also been an exceptional admin, I feel RG needs to be re-instated. With respect to the few who have suggested to change the admin, did this suggestion come in when they were pals with RG? It did not, this is because of whatever recent disagreements might have happened over the past few months between them and these users are now placing a case which is totally unfair and baseless.

    I would like to see this site back i all it’s glory and would strongly suggest RG to be made the admin again. Please do consider this request.

    • Kathiri is not a good moderator at all.
      A lot of people like her because she allows everything from child abuse to incestous talk on the mains.
      She feels that not kicking people is a better way to do business. That way there will be no complaints against her and the site traffic will not dip(according to her) . But I think, in the long run the site will implode on itself. No new user can thrive in such a hostile and horrific environment, especially woman.
      I strongly feel that there should be a chat bot to filter out those curse words in english and more importantly those in Hindi.

      • Sorry, If I sounded too rude there, that’s because I am so very very very frustrated with her. Every time I complain to her, she says “go and tell nash” :(.
        Don’t get me wrong! Kathiri has immense patience which is a good virtue to have if you are the moderator. The only thing that is in question here, is her inability to judge people. She doesn’t speak or understand Hindi, and those people who are insulting me and my friends!, are doing it in Hindi,which is making it really hard for her to decide who’s right and who’s wrong.

        • Someone insults you in the chat rooms, us the block user button.
          In the long run – the people who try to abuse others by insults will not get any pleasure if everyone simply ignores them.
          In my experience once a couple people put someone on ignore, others follow – and people have more respect for those who do not engage in such petty drama.

          • Sorry I sucked upto you a lot with those previous comments of mine, that might have annoyed you. I think I got the punishment that I deserved. That was a good learning curve for me.
            First I want you to Understand why I am concerned about the site, after all! I am not running the charity site right?you are!
            Well my simple answer to that is: I have been chatting with people in here for a long long time, almost 3-4 years. I have made many connections over here and I don’t wanna lose them. That’s the reason why I am not leaving the site even after all of this.
            It was not your profit that I had in mind when I said Traffic will decrease. If the traffic really decrease then you will find no reason to continue this chat room. You will shut it down, that’s what I am afraid of.
            if you have any empathy left in you, you will go to the indian site anonymously and check out what’s happening out there, or if you still feel like a hero you can do a “point by point” beat down on me like you did last time around, explaining how you control everything around here… like a boss.

      • Kathiri is a good moderator – there is no way for you to know the rules that our mods must follow – so there is no way for you to really judge if she is good or not.

        How the rooms are moderated does not have a big impact on the site traffic – so that is not a moderators main concern.

        Don’t worry about the site imploding, you are not spending the time and money to put it together and keep it running 😉

        A chat bot to filter curse words in a sex chat room is kind of backwards. Best to use the block users aka “iggy” button to erase the users who say things you feel are inappropriate. Teach others to do that same and the chat rooms will be awesome. Those who do not use the block user button end up having not so a good a time.

        • I shouldn’t be concerned about the place where I have 5 years of my life? I thought we are one big happy family! ,.. I was wrong!

          • Oh! And can you delete my posts?
            I don’t want my friends to see this! Really feel humiliated. Really shown my place in the world.
            Thanks in advance!

    • I appreciate your thoughts on these things Jerry!

    • jerry my friend well its suggstion box and my dear friend rg has voilated rules many times well were off from site for 4 mths or so and in mean time do u know what happened in that time site ?no na so pls better check once more before u suggesting rg as admin…

  6. Hey Nash and all who are worried about EASC

    One small.suggestion from my end not sure of technical and security restrictions.pllz let meknow if i am.wrong

    If we can have a common room(new room) between esac and the old sex chat with out mod it will increase pplz to come to chat.

    And only pplz in old chat who want to chat with Asian or Brazilians will get the chance.

    And then pplz here who are here can chat with old chat chat pplz can get them in that room.

    1)Why no mods- we are sure that it will be a spam room when we mix.these chats (old experience), no pplz.should.enter the room.with their own risk of getting spammed

    2) when is the traffic low- in odd when we mix these just one room..if its early morning in this country,the min pplz here can look out for the other country pplz if they are here

    3) minority interest- we know that esp gays and lesbo are minority in number, which might be a cause for them girls.names. so its good if we keep the gay room as common for both sites.

    4) collection of gif links for different actions can also help(as its a sex chat).

    5) exp from.other chat sites- a few can shows in and ease of blocking public room spammers- no mods -ease of search in Google – are few things that increase both fakes and reals

    That’s all And ibore If any spelling mistakes and multiple fullstop’s.


  7. Nash, I saw one of your suggestion for Mods to be Shrushti. I have never seen her in last year and a half and out of the blue you suggest her name. I dont even see you that often, I know you are busy. Mods should be people all users are well aware of, I am sure 95% of the people dont even know Shrushti. If you have some personal reasons to promote Shrushti, I dont mind, its your site afterall. I personally dont feel she should be a mod here.

    • JohnRambo – shrusti was not my suggestion, but I will consider anyone who offers to help. I usually look deeper into things when people offer, and ask others their thoughts as well. At this very moment my suggestion is to have no mods for a while, and get everyone in the habit of using the block the user button to deal with things. During that time we need to decide as a community what kind of standards and rules the the future mods should have.

      I like the idea of rotating the mods so that they are only stuck with having to do the job for a few months or so at a time. At this point I think MAYBE Atom and one other here may be accepted by most as good candidates in the near term. We will give more time to others like shrusti to see how things transpire over time. We’ll see.

  8. how about no mods with Automatic kick and ban for some hrs or day …

  9. Nash – I have come up with a very silly idea, but consider it, it will really work 🙂

    1. Users will not be allowed to copy/paste the content. And when the user types the same line again and again, the message should not be sent when you hit the Send/Enter button.

    This will greatly reduce the spamming.

    2. When a user sends a PM to other user, he/she who are getting the PM’s should grant the permission to continue chatting in private. This will reduce a lot of hustles.

    These are value added suggestions and can relieve users from some disturbances.

    • lol sillyy but worth of trying it…

    • I thought it was already set up so that people had to accept pms from another user. Maybe that is a setting the users can change?
      It’s been a while since I have been in as a regular user, and settings have changed a bit over time, so I don’t remember how things like this are currently running.

    • copy paste is really helpful with ASLs so it should not be completely banned. Instead I suggest that copying and pasting the same message any number of times be allowed but not in the same window, only from one window to another.

      This will stop people from smapping the room window or spamming a particular user!

      • nash,
        still i see in ur site mods picks someones names and comments yy should they do it when they nt there whats the necessety and one more thing here does mods are made to comment on others or to look after site ?
        i think u better form new ruels for mod quicker rather then later bro…

        • teddy – I am not sure what you mean in that first sentence.

          We will get to some new rules and new mods eventually. I have major projects to complete this month, and as each gets done things here get closer and closer. Unfortunately I have no idea how long each of these projects will take, so no definitive timeline really.
          I am not too worried about new mods at this moment, although I’d love to find some people who would be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to volunteer for such. I am more concerned with anything any current may be doing that are outside the mod rules, or appearing to show conflicts. Honestly I’d rather have no mods than have people think we are giving favoritism to friends, or anything like that. If we had no mods, everyone would learn to use the block button, and the chat rooms would be better than ever.

          • agreed completly it is best solution at present situation as it solves no faviritisom no mods use block option-good idea bro

          • no mods- all equal – all learn to use block button- best idea so far!!!…will eliminate all politics and favouritism! thumbs up!

          • That is really what may be best for a while.
            I mean the mods are here to help peole understand the rules and etiquette, and step in for a ban when something really outrageous is happening. Unfortunately it appears in some cases they have been kicking / banning for things that are not in our rules, and in some cases have given an appearance that their authority is used to help friends and chastise people they do not like.

            I know in some situations someone really does need to be kicked for breaking rules, and even when a legitimate kick is in order, it can still appear to others that it was done to benefit a small circle of friends, or some other close cyber relationship; so not all things that appear that way are indeed that way. This is something else we need to work on.

            I also know that the mods have been trying to appease the masses with several users asking for bans on “fakes” and things that the group of users here in general may think is best, however these things have not yet been discussed at length, nor firmly decided.

            This is mostly my fault for not being in the chat rooms enough, and not asking everyone for feedback about how things are running. I should be provided more guidance to the mods, and asking for more feedback from the users. I will be trying to do more and more of this.

            I am glad that we have so many that are offering to help, either by moderating, or making suggestions. I am looking forward to things being better and more fair for all.

            I do think it may be best to have no mods and force everyone to use their block user button to ignore people they do not like. This would make everyone take responsibility for what comes across their screen, and take all the responsibility off of the mods’ shoulders. If a group of 80% of the users in any particular room decide to use the ‘block user’ button – then it would become basically group moderating.

            Some random thoughts…

          • how about no mods with Automatic kick and ban for some hrs or day …

      • Shrusti !

        Spamming generally occurs in main and not in pvts. So copy paste of such things can be avoided. In case of asl, its just 3 words that user can type.

        What I am saying is user should not have the copy/paste option at all 🙂 Not in main and not in Pvt’s.

        • Ah.. Atom – that makes sense now. Actually a pretty good suggestion. I will need to think on this and see if it’s even possible, and if so, some different ways it could be implemented. I have been kicking around some ideas about restrictions based upon number of days someone has been registered, or number or coins / gifts they have or something. This would make it so only people who have been around a long time can do certain things. Maybe. Just a beginning thought process at the moment.

  10. Please add it to the rules to provide a screenshot of the fakes who accept that they are males. A list of rules right on the chat page will be better. Email registration is necessary like i have said before.

    • People can always change the login names, so screenshots wont be helpful if the person relogins with a different name. We will need something out of the box to curb this!

  11. Dear nash.
    As far as as i think the following chages would be good to see in site
    1.Giving a break of few mnths for old mods/admin excpet kat who is doing good job…
    2.About rules for mods they should nt alowed to chat in pivt or whispher who ever there there girl friend or etc
    3.Mod/Admins should nt tell members to dnt talk to her/he like this/that else u will be kicked/banned
    4.Give a chance as Admin/Mod for fresh legs (fresh faces who r willing to take mods)
    5.In lesbin room whats the need of male admin/mods ?consider only female admin/mod to lesbin room
    6.At last its many ppls as u see in suggestion box have mixed openion on present mods and tells they should be given break yes i agree ..
    Thank you nash…

  12. well nash.
    At the end of the end the problem here is as follows,
    1st.Language problems, 2nd mods taking some ppls side wise by telling u should nt tell like this or that, 3rd Its loosing pepoles day by day….and fakes are increasing….

    • Language problems – what do you mean by this?
      Mods taking people’s sides… this should not be happening, and we need to be more careful in the future as to when things may appear that way.
      Losing people day to day is probably more to do with our need for better search engine optimization, and other people mentioning us via other third party sites / social networks.
      Fakes increasing – I do not see this as a major problem, I will post about this soon.

      • language problem means for ex:an admin/mod talk to in his mother townge like hindi or marati or tamil etc it cannot be understood by alll …
        may be i think mods/admin should talk in english as it is esay to communicate and well one more thing is as atom and max says mods/admins should be restrested of pivt chat and whispher chat..

        • I was also wondering why the suggestion that mods should not pm / whipser much… like.. do they mean they should not make suggestions on following the rules via pms? Or do you all mean that they should not get into privates/relations with other members via pm, as they could appear to affect their being objective with other users?

          Or what?

          • nash.
            just think for a sec as all members seeing and atom and max saying its true the mods are forcing ppls nt to say like this or that or some o there friends …
            i mean by they are becoming 1 sided and well this can be solved by,
            blocking pivt chat and whispher chat option for mods/admin and give old mods/admin break for some months or so
            get some fresh legs in and fresh air to breath ….

          • nash,
            as far as i see only kat is handeling post well at persent

        • Small correction here Ted. I never said mods should not PM. of course they can. I just said whatever the complaints the users are logging to mods, it should be in a separate window to interact with them. This will avoid many conflicts between the users and mods ( as its currently happening like one sided decisions and all) in future.

          Mods are also like us. They need their privacy and relations mate.

          • one more thing i like atom mods/admin should nt back up and member induivaly…am i right it is happening at present time….

  13. The upgrades section is not at all attractive, and many don’t even know about its existence. And that is because there is no extra thing coming with the upgrades. I suggest blocking a few gifts for the upgrades, a few must be unlocked only when you upgrade. In this way people will see some blocked gifts and enquire about unlocking them. This is how it will advertise the new system by itself.

    I would like your views on this idea!

  14. Hi,

    Too much politics I can see here in this forum. Just want to say people are jealous of others. They cannot see others getting importance here as they lose it due to their behavior. I am surprised to see that this page is for suggestion or a complaint homepage against moderators here. Some people who cannot prove themselves correct in front and that is why always neglected from others. They just want to play from back ground like what they are doing here. They are such a loser and cowards. And that has been proved earlier too. I can remember few days back when there use to be only 10-15 users per day only RG, HD and Kat use to be here and they use to run the site and promote the site, yeah Piya and Arsh too. Rest all who are complaining here are just a coward and looking for their own opportunity to ruin everything.

    Hope EASC will run in future days…..but if this politics continues then god knows……finally i can say the loser will always be a loser…..the person whom everyone admires will always be in peoples heart….whether they stay here or not.


    • Too much politics I can see here in this forum. Just want to say people are jealous of others.

      Hey Wasim! What are you doing then if not a complaint? I can barely see a suggestion that how ESAC can be improved in your post.

      And its a people’s forum and YOU don’t have a right to criticize about them. If you wanna say something you can well go ahead and suggest. And I can’t stop laughing when you said mods are promoting the site ( Not in a good way though). All I can see is fights and issues with users which a mod should not be involved.

      Well in next post No cinematic dialogues please 😛

  15. Hey nash,

    Good to talk to you after a long time mate. Its been almost 2 yrs after SCSC is out of scope for asia.

    Lemme tell the suggestions first and move on to the complaint part later 😛 you heard a lot of giving some nice time to breathe 🙂

    1. The biggest part missed here in this site is the private rooms. That’s where ppl can talk with their best buddies and one way or other it will avoid the language issues users are facing. It should be created and maintained only by one user and should be prompted with a password when someone wants to join the club.

    2. I see lot of abusers and spammers coming and posting unwanted ads. They should be blocked and should not be allowed even if they change their nick and come again until and unless a temporary ban is lifted from them.

    3. Mobile version can be improved and make a tab for admin & mod where they can see the complaints listed by the user and answer accordingly instead in the main chat area. A user should not interact to an admin in the main to avoid conflicts from other users.

    Well I am a regular of this site from 2010 and now i see some major issues popped up related to the admin and mods.

    I do not deny that they are doing fantastic job but I do deny that they are not biased. In some cases, Yes it has always been one sided.

    For instance, people should not form a group and target only one person. Funny talks and targets can be there within the users and should not be formed by mods. I mean users can chat whatever they can complying to the site rules.

    Mods should not come and tell, Hey do not disturb her/him, she/he is my friend and u should not talk abt them. come on man, who the hell knows with whom they are talking to. If I go and tell them that you should not talk to her and pose like a security guard will they accept? Sorry to say this, these kinda activities made me feel shit and uncomfortable.

    some users are very close to mods, they can do whatever they want and that’s how it is going in this site right now. Those ppl talk so shit abt others and these guys will not take any action bcos they are so called best buddies. If they complaint, these guys will go to any extreme and take action and sometimes abuses other users too. sometimes they kick for no reason. Reason merely will be the points mentioned above 😛

    So its time to do some changes in the mods section. Have a rotational basis and give some guys the chances if they r willing. Whatever i said is what i have experienced. Even if the current mods are exceptional, I agree. But lets give a break for them now.

    kath is doing a very good job. I can vote for her! I can see a pile of complaints against others and I feel giving them a chance again will make things worst.

    Well @users, Now don try to hit on me for complaining against the mods 😛 I am what I am and I cant change for anyone 🙂 So its merely my suggestion towards nash and do not interfere in my business.

    Last but not least, Nash can you give me the access for SCSC? 😛 I will feel blessed 🙂

    • atom – thank you very much for these thoughts. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

      • Nash,

        Atom said it right. I agree with all of them.

        Arsh could make a good moderator.

        But, turns for moderators may not work in the long run. Removing of moderators who do not follow the site rules is the best option. For this, constant feedback need to be provided by the users.

        From the User side:

        a. Users must not indulge in long conversations with moderators as said by Atom.
        b. They must be approached only in case of any disputes or issues faced by the User.
        c. Registerers of new names must not have immediate access to site. There must be a gap of at least one hour. This will prevent abusers from using new names as have happened in the past.

        This will stop the Mods from showing favoritism. Also, you can program such that the moderators do not stay long period at a stretch, say 20 – 30 minutes after which they will be kicked out. And they can come after another 30 minutes.

        I will come back when I feel anything more that can be done.

    • one more thing i like to add is in lesbin room yy male mods allowed ?u can put only female mods na

    • i agree with atom completely man

  16. one more thing….admins should not abuse powers- like steal points…sala kutta….hehehe….last time after i received a pop up window on my computer saying points removed by admin- it was denied….what the hell….its all part of my fun….and it was an issue for some….better gifts- would be really fun….sometimes i get lost in the language there…but i understand that is my problem…nash try saying sala kutta; charamsukh; hastmaithun; mukhmaithun a few times!!!rofl!!!! i also vote for arsh..he might not want to be…but the reason i vote for him is that he is sensitive to my language issue and helps me along with that ! we make fun of it with him trying to teach me words…rather than ignoring me on the language issue!

  17. Someone suggested Piya may be a good moderator here. Anyone have any thoughts about Piya being able to be a mature and fair moderator?

    Anyone have any other suggestions for current members that would make a good moderator?

    • Piya would be a great moderator!!!
      i vote for Piya and Kath!

    • far better piya good suggestion man
      kat and piya make good pair of mods then rg and hd ….

    • Shrusti as a moderator?

      • Yes. Piya & Shrusti. 🙂

      • i dnt know ,
        shrusti but
        how about most sinour pro arsh …!!

      • I had been regular over here since couple of years, I know the rules and would to take up the role of a mod. I’am not partial and I can assure a fair judgement as a mod.

        • Hi Shrusti

          I have also been there for a long time…never saw you there. Neither have some other regulars.

          • I dont chat much in the room page I had been choosy but watchy when it comes to chatting. I’am online usually late nights, maybe thats the time when you are deep asleep!

            I see one more reason here for being a mod, I dont see many mods online late in the night 🙂

          • shrusti.
            at what time u will online kindly spicify and well i think i never ever saw u since 3 year …

          • After 10pm and I go upto 2am. You both don’t seem to hang around at the Familyfun room.

          • I agree with bluepetal .I have neither seen shrusti though I am in EASC since last 3 years.I too visit the site at nights mostly!
            I just hope whoever is the mod is fair. 🙂

          • lols you guys are really crazy, I dont care if you ever saw/see me on the chatsite because it is not going to change the facts. All I wanted to say here is that I’am ready to take up the responsibility as a MOD if they are seriously looking for one!

          • i am regular user from 3 years i didnt saw u single time in site

          • Well OK am a ghost, nobody ever saw me. Pity on you guys, it seems u never venture at the group or family rooms!

          • Guys it’s ok if she is willing to take up the role of a mod. Anyways we are recommending for new/fresh faces to take up the mod role. Even you guys din’t see her, let it be. Consider her as a fresh face 🙂

          • That sounds better, thank you Atom. If you guys can check how often I login and how long I had been there, you will know. Since none of you saw me on the chatsite, I guess there is serious shortage of MOD at the family and group rooms. Whoever is appointed there, am just highlighting it.

    • kat ,piya and arsh are good combo far far better then hd and rg…..

  18. Hey Nash,
    I am a regular visitor and i feel the website needs to be Responsive and UI needs some changes.. An option to block a person permanently will be a good.. and also extra set of emoticons will be appreciateable..

    and RG, HD and Kat are doing their job to the maximum good extend (This is my personal word and i dont want anyone to comment over this.)

    Hey Visitors,
    Everyone must understand that this is a place to give suggestions and not a place to blame each other.. (Hope here every1 have at least crossed Kindergarden days).

    • Appusha – the next design is indeed a responsive design, it is very close to launch, and the UI will be made MUCH more simplified. It will be a start.. and then we will add from there. Should be up sometime this month.

      perma block is a good idea.

  19. Hi

    Just two things
    1) Moderators shouldn’t be allowed to do pvt chats.
    2)Moderators shouldn’t whisper(or put a limit on how many whispers they can send per day)

    This should make the whole thing more transparent.

    My pick for mod is :: PIYA


  20. i vote for hard dick 64 for admin……he is much more investigative before taking any action

  21. Dear ,
    admin , here a mod by name rough gentelman is nt good moderater he just shouts on some ppls without reason and i think he is nt matured engouh for that position …
    pls keep an eye on him…

  22. Hi,
    I was a regular visitor once and I think RG abuses his powers and is high handed. He should realize that admins are there to regulate the chats not to throw around their weight. He also accused me of being someone else once (i think hawkeye…never met the dude). Anyways I think there should be a rotation policy for moderators.

  23. Hi , I haven’t been a regular visitor of the site but today I did after and discovered this link.I found this interesting poll going on here and I will also like to support Rough Gentleman for the post as he helped me a lot and gave me some nice tips too. 🙂 made me feel comfortable in the Asian chatroom.

  24. rough gentleman is bad moderator or admin..and he insults ppls. He misuses his power….so kindly remove rough gentleman..with regards nashty1…

  25. Rough Gentlemen (RG) is a great admin. he always keep bastards n fake account under check and keeps the chat room a amazing place for girls to come and have fun.

  26. hi myself sakib,I like rg as good admin he is very supportive to all so I like if he had MRE access….continue rg wat as u r…

  27. RG and HD would even sell you for Nisha, Lmao :D…………are u so fucking innocent?….I just wonder 😀

  28. So.. who could be good moderators that everyone here would agree on?
    (I expect the answers to this question to take a few days)

    What rules should we consider adding for the moderators?

    What rules should we consider for the chat rooms in general?

    • Please continue with Rough Gentleman. He is very polite with women. I dunno what’s this fuss all about between these guys here. Thumbsup from myside for RG. He is very much suitable and responsible. It shows from his presence on the site always.

    • Talking about moderators? I am laughing out loud that you don’t even know where your moderators are taking you, ever heard the name Knee Shaw? 😀

      • JohnRambo – glad you get a good laugh here! Entertainment at it’s finest we are!

        Sorry I do not always know where mods take things, I am a super busy person that has many things competing for my attention. This is why I depend on the users here to notify me of anything they think is a problem or should be done differently.

        I have never heard the name Knee Shaw, sorry – does not ring a bell. Closest think I can think of is “Sheena Shaw” – who is a fairly hot, and very naughty pornstar 😉

    • thumbs down to rough gentleman- always been a sarcastic and rude biscuit

      • So you say rg should not mod, and that mods should be careful about coming off as sarcastic and rude. I will need to expand on this, as I have seen issues in the past where mods were being sarcastic or short with conversations and it came off as rude or not caring, when the real issue was that they were in a hurry. I can see how people may see this one way when it was meant as another. This is something we do need to take care with for sure.

    • Yes RG is great I had been chatting to him since quite long for now. I have seen him warning before taking action on people and I appreciate that, not everyone knows the rules in here so they all deserve a chance before taking action.

      I vote for RG (Rough Gentleman)

  29. GSK- hope you are not reffering to my comment as one sided- I challenge you to disprove this. Going after the ” main complainant” is exactly what I am referring to and your post proves my point. Why cant you guys get it??? Everyone is entitled to their opinion- it may be different- so what?…but when you and others start attacking him on a personal level – it becomes obvious of intolerance. And everyone goes after him. Almost everything you accuse him of is seen in everyone there except they might articulate it better. If you accuse him of abusing- I have seen abused been hurled at him with nobody holding back. If you speak of immaturity- i have seen great immaturity there except it is welcomed. You guys need to chill. If you have not been on the receiving end of being shouted down there- you will not understand. I have understood Virat/Teddy…and I have found myself becoming unpopular to let people know that they should not taunt him.

    • Hi Bluepetal,

      I have not taken your name in any of this and surprised you jumped to give me rejoinder….!!!!

      I was compelled to write after so many posts of teddy who needed to chill and not me….!!! Tell me, who is more anxious and shows desperation??? His recent postings are evident…. he started blaming me of taking people away…. I am no moderator of another similar site….

      You have made it as such the whole chat site is against Teddy….. If that is the perception, why the whole chat site goes against one person? What he did for so many to go against him??? I would like you to ponder….!!! You will agree that most of us come to just chill….!!!

      Even after knowing Teddy well, you still support him blindly becos you consider him to be against a group of people (which is a mirage and not really so), taking pity on him. This proves that you are one-sided just to play the good Samaritan role.

      Please do not ask me to challenge you and it cud end up in more dirty linen washed in public….!!!

      I have had high regards to the activities you do in reality. I would suggest you to consider this as just chat site and not for fostering hatred and enmity…. We already face a lot of them in real life.

      Lol…. You make me a good orator…..!!!!

      Just to remind you…. Teddy has not denied his canvassings to take away people from this site to the site where he is the moderator.

      Happy to see you in such postings at least…!!!!

      • GSK- you making a lot of assumptions- read my post(both) a few times- you might get my point. As far as your ramblings- you seem to pushing things to a personal level- really uncool!
        Wash all your dirty laundry in public-nobody cares- it might make great entertainment- you seem as mature as teddy on this point!
        Hope you are not dreaming about Teddy- your targetting of him is bordering on obsession of him. He seems to have got under your skin. Seriously- chill! Unless you love him too much and its a love hate relationship:):):)
        Who is fostering hatred and enimity? If someone gives their viewpoint- you make such dramatic conclusions linking real life?? All we need is some music- and this could be a bollywood saga!
        Lets not be hypocrytical!
        Btw- it takes someone else to say you are a great orator – not yourself:):):)

        • Bluepetal,

          You have not answered to any of my questions on Teddy….. WHY??/ Becos, if you had replied, all the truth on Teddy would have been out….. if you are true as you boast yourself.

          I just add one more question ….. why did Teddy ask for my forgiveness after I started ignoring him… was it becos he was good or he was wrong??? This he has done with many others in the site.

          When you and Teddy would attack everyone on personal level, why shud others be more diplomatic??? How can you expect it…. you get what you give… no more and no less.

          It is laughable why you imagine teddy goes under my skin…. he is nothing for me…. If you can, answer to my questions on Teddy in my previous and this post. If not, keep quiet. Also I remember how you used to make issue of the points and you are talking about maturity…. do not say that it was just for fun. Your targetting of RG started after. And the good friends RG and Teddy turning adverseries started after this This after you assumed that he was the reason…. So, it is obvious why you support Teddy….. 😛

          • you are nobody to tell me to keep quiet- it might work with others- not me. Dont let your ego get the better of you. As far as teddy- get a psychologist to work through your issues with him- I have nothing to say to you that will stabilize you in this matter. I dont think you are in a position to analyse my mind and my activities on site- clearly you hate Teddy- work through it – and free yourself from this burden. Go on- waiting your next installment of your dirty laundry….say whatever you wish- it might help you get through this hate stage.

  30. Dear Nash,

    I have been a regular member of this site from 2010 onwards and seeing have had good times which are no more….. mebbe, my priorities changed too..

    I was going through the comments on the moderators and since they were one sided, I feared that some wrong decisions may be taken to the detriment of the site.

    While comments on some of the moderators may be valid, some of the names suggested for new moderators seems to be ridiculous. Some of the new suggestions have been heavy abusers and stalkers of females and other male users too.

    The main complainant has been moderating another chat site and was in fact pulling out the members from this site. That site, obviously didn’t do well and he is trying to create trouble in our site. I have had very close conversations with this person and know his maturity level. Please be careful on his suggested names….

    The message to moderators must be clear: They must not be partial and abuse the powers they have.
    Anyway, there are no admins now and the KICKS work for only a day.

    Nash must know that of late there are many fakes and this puts of the other users. We must control the fakes.

    • GSK – thank you for you thoughts on these issues. I will take them into consideration.

      I agree that moderators need to be impartial and not abuse powers.

      There is some debate about fakes, and I suppose will need to write up a blog post about this to encourage more thinking on that issue.

      • well nash who is abuser then ?ohh as gsk tells rg and hd never abused and rg goes on insulting pppls u still nt take any …. gsk as to be awarded as mr perfect of esac …haha infact i like to remeber him his friend only took users away from site…once it was good site now its lost its charming and well for ur kindly info till u stop thinking from one sided rg and team will go on ruling site

        • well one more thing here nash gsk has no rights to talk about my maturity and indirectly it he harresing by telling as imature and this is rediclus u too support him and is his maturity is perfect ?

          • Dear Nash,

            This post of Virat is evidently showing how fast he comes to conclusions. This has been the case always in the site….

            Deeply concerned in Chennai

          • GSK – no need to be deeply concerned, things will balance out over time. I think it’s great that different people are sharing different view points on things here.

          • virat – understand that someone saying something on the internet does not make it true, and that I appreciate that people can post their thoughts and opinions here. It may be that he believes these things to be true at this moment, or in the past. I like to hear how people honestly feel about things, and sometimes their honesty is right and is hurtful, sometimes it is wrong. It’s an opinion, not really a proven fact, and it’s an opinion that was had at a time. Opinions sometimes change.
            I say this not just about gsk, or anyone in particular. I want this to be a place where people can speak their minds honestly, and not worry about an kind of hate from anyone for doing so. So don’t worry about it too much. In the long run people’s actions define who they are and how they are perceived by others. Sometimes people change and others see it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes people see things that are not accurate, and sometimes a dozen people see the exact same thing and you get 12 different opinions about whatever that thing was.

            I will not be taking any one person’s side on anything, and do appreciate the different points of view that some have offered here and via email. Things start to add up, but I also do not always hold someone to their past, hoping we can all learn from things that have been said or done and do better in the future.

      • well i like to tell one more thing here this gsk hd and rg who backed nisha to take few many users from ur site tooo so what do u tell for this ?

        • This is a slightly troubling concern. Certainly I understand that people may meet here and decide they want to chat via other methods and ask someone else in pm to join them via skype, or gmail or something like that. It’s okay for people to do that. However if there was a concerted effort to convince people to all go to a similar and competing chat rooms site I would wonder what the motivation would be. In some cases they may have fairly innocent reasons to do so, but in other ways that could be done for more nefarious purposes.

          If there are things here that we do not offer we are open to suggestions. In fact some new things are coming here very soon, so look for new features and site design / layout soon. There are some things they we may never offer here that some other place may offer – that’s fine too. I strongly suggest people be very careful when choosing places to chat with oneline, some of the most popular services have very poor policies when it comes to privacy, and some places give too many details.. I would not ask people from a sex chat site to hook up with me on facebook for example.. but maybe that’s just me.

          Anyhow, I am open to hearing things like this.

          • thanks buddy i hope u got my poit of view…i will nt tell anything more do look to this matters..

          • Hi,
            I just want to add some points in this regards. The thing is that It’s not me, nor GSK nor RG or nor Nisha have taken users from here. The people who love EASC is still in EASC. Rather the person who is saying all these have taken all to different site as he is or was the admin there. Also he used to bring the spammers like DODO and others to our site. This is really funny the mistake the person himself did and saying that to others. Nash you can verify the same with the users here in EASC. The persons who love EASC will always be with EASC.

  31. Else fix a rotational policy for moderator and keep an on all moderators tooo make 3 mods for each room and no admins its nice idea too

    • We really should have a rotational policy with the mods, mainly to give them a vacation.. and have a poll setup where people can vote for mods doing a good job or not. This is something we will work on, but we will need to have other mature people who can handle following all of the mod rules, and it is NOT easy to be forced to follow the site’s mod rules when you want to do more personally but are bound by the agreements not to. So it is not a position for everyone that is for sure!

      • well i have some names in mind of old site ppls and there are indian ppls names:-lets,sweetpoison,johnrambo and rebel

      • I have been a regular member of this site from 2010 onwards and seeing have had good times which are no more….. mebbe, my priorities changed too..

        I was going through the comments on the moderators and since they were one sided, I feared that some wrong decisions may be taken to the detriment of the site.

        While comments on some of the moderators may be valid, some of the names suggested for new moderators seems to be ridiculous. Some of the new suggestions have been heavy abusers and stalkers of females and other male users too.

        The main complainant has been moderating another chat site and was in fact pulling out the members from this site. That site, obviously didn’t do well and he is trying to create trouble in our site. I have had very close conversations with this person and know his maturity level. Please be careful on his suggested names….

        The message to moderators must be clear: They must not be partial and abuse the powers they have.
        Anyway, there are no admins now and the KICKS work for only a day.

        Nash must know that of late there are many fakes and this puts of the other users. We must control the fakes.

        Hope we look at things objectively and not sentimentally……


  32. i believe that some people here truely feel a sense of entitlement to this site- and as a result their is no true neutrailty. they either hate you or you need to think like them to fit into the inner circle. they allow their friends to abuse but get rid of you if you have a different viewpoint. they seem to be stuck in their roles. I would suggest that we have a rotational system of mods so their is a sense of fairness- we need some cool people to breeze in with some freshness- the site is too stale- only die hard groupies of the inner circle still come- it was once an awesome site- has trickled down to stagnation.

  33. well nash i had sent many things with proof but still why are u nt taking action ?well are u nt intrested to take action ?after getting many proofs also…

    • teddy – I wish I could explain easily how many projects I work on at the same time. It is hard for me to get time to work on things here, and I do not get enough feedback from the other users to make tough decisions like these. We need other people to send info, and we need other people who are willing and would be good at moderating to help as well.

      • bro there is many as u can thing for ex atom,rebel,well yy nt blue ur old site user and oldest user then rg ….like this many are there its just u think 1 sided so he does that regularly and 1 more thing here is language problem bro if rg abuses and insults some ppls personaly in marati or in some other languages who understands and some language ppls laughes on it and enjoys…at the end of the day language is also major problem here as i seen from 2 years

  34. 1) disable sounds for public chat n enable sound for pvt chat 2) enable video chat 3)include animations in gift 4)mobile app 5) bdsm n forced sex room 6) improve backdrop( themes, wallpapers) 7) strict measures against fakes

    • 1 – sounds thing.. I think this is an option already, but perhaps you are saying that having a new option to have them off in most cases but on when private.. that is a good idea if I can understanding this right.
      2 – enable video chat.. we could do this.. but I have some concerns about doing so – more on this in a follow up blog post I guess.
      3 – animations in gifts… hmmm.. I thought this was enabled when one person gets a gift, and it is not animated for the whole room. Is this not working like this right now?
      4 – mobile version will be live for everyone very soon.
      5 – those rooms will be added soon.
      6 – hmm.. improving themes / backgrounds.. I am open for suggestions if anyone has any ideas for color schemes and such…
      7 – not sure that we will enforce strict measures against fakes. Might have to make a blog post about this and invite people to read my thoughts on this and add to the discussion there.

  35. else u can put the option like creating own rooms here where ppl can creat rooms and enjoy its better idea

    • virat – this is the one thing I have wanted to add for years and has proven to be very difficult to put together. Still have fingers crossed we can get this in a future version.

  36. i dnt think ur mod rough gentelmen need to be continued well many times i found he does politics he himself insults and abuses users well as i thing he should be fired and some good mod like rebel or blue given powers

    • The person who don’t comes regular and once in a year, i don’t think they should be a moderator. Also people in jealousy will make such complaint about existing moderators that they are biased and all. Every people in this world is biased in someway.

      • hard dick- I agree, people are going to be biased. I like to look at three sides of each situation.
        Sometimes people are wrong, sometimes they are right, sometimes there is something in between. I have found that I can learn from how others see things and change things at times based upon that. I am always looking to improve how things come across to others, and that takes people to give feedback about things they think are bad. If everyone just always said “everything is great” then we would never need to improve.

        • welll nash only simple question is yy does hard dick gets raised when i say against rough gentenman and suggeste some other name ….is hard dick supports a group off ppls ?or else is that any fear guilty filling for hard dick…

    • virat – I appreciate your candor with your opinion on this. I also listen to feedback sent via emails or through our contact form about the moderators. I prefer to get specific examples with screen shots or copied chat logs to show issues when possible.

      We will have new rules for the moderators soon as well, and will be asking all the users to chime in on what they think the moderators should be doing or not doing. Look for this very soon!

      • nice bro but whats the need hard dick potinting on other ohh since he is moderator that he can tell any thing about others and who is irregular reble ?else blue ?well she is nt coming because ur rg insulting her before some days i had sent with screen shots rg insuting her..

        • and again here this asia chat room and here language problem will there how about sepetaing room like india,asia ,africa like that it will better then lesbian desi lobbby and it solves also language problems

          • Interesting thoughts here virat, I had not thought of this, and it is likely something we should consider doing!

  37. Seperate stranger and friend lists… helps a lot

  38. Please re add the BDSM sex chat & Forced Sex Fantasy Room again. Member Only Club is not needed.

  39. Please add some more themes and smileys.
    Add more rooms and make email id compulsory in registration to help get away from fakes. provide one email id with only one username , that will help a lot.
    Also, provide more powers for our moderator roughgentleman who is continuously cleaning up the site and warning the fakes. he has less powers now, i dont know why you guys have stripped him. He is really good in handling the site.

    • big cock – with our new mobile enhanced version I think we have some new smileys. As for new themes, I wonder what people would like.. different colors?
      We may move to email verification for registration in the near future.
      As far as dealing with fakes, I will need to make a new blog post about that I guess and invite more discussion about it.

  40. I should have the list of names and IPs that i have blocked- even after i logoff. So that i can take care not to chat with some on i had ignored.

    ADMINS are good(like RG).. more access to them can be useful.

    People come here with different types of interests. There is no place shows what they are interested – Add some thing like MOOD – which allows them to write what they are or what they want.. eg: when some one keeps on my ID – they should see that “jaugar is interested in roleplay”

    Sending Image – “please learn from Yahoo” – which allows us to take a part of screen as screenshot.

    Screenshare- you can add screen share option – if available… so that they can watch the others screen.

    APP’s – if possible, if acceptable…. make an app for window and android…(it might look extreme)

  41. Hi ! I’ve been coming to this site since ages and have made friends with some classy women and enjoyed being here. But, lately I’ve observed that the people coming on here are mostly fakes, Jerks who don’t have any class and don’t respect women in here, as a result all the REAL and CLASSY women have stopped coming on here, which has deprived this site of the real pleasure it used to give. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PEOPLE COMING IN HERE and also do something to make this site more popular amongst women so that more and more real women can feel confident and pleasurable coming on here.

  42. Umm..

    1. By default the genders should be sorted as per user being male/female.
    2. Age/Location details should not be allowed to change. people should make new IDs if they want to show diff age and all. besides age and place should be mandatory per Id to avoid fake ids else sooner or later people will lose fun.
    3. New emoticons.
    4. Private chat with two or three people max at one time.
    5. Their should be badges “likes talked to so and so for this 30 minutss or one hour” for genuineness
    of IDs. like if they talked minimum half hour or one hour.
    6. Likes and dislikes for a person.

    These what I felt for ensuring the quality and genuineness

  43. mobile app will be greatly appreciated!

  44. hai this chat channel is extremely good one thing i want to say that please divide this room into language wise it helps a lot to get our partner to talk privately in our own language

    there is another thing please try to control the fake users who comes with ladies name its really terrible

  45. the advertisements need not be side of the chat box.The chat box could be a little more bigger.Except that this is a fantastic site man

  46. please make an option to disable public chat sounds while keeping private chat sounds on.. it is so irritating..

    and a mobile app would be amazing..

  47. what is the mobile chat code (23 flash chat mobile app) , if not available then it’s a must..

  48. Make a friend list or buddy list or something like that.
    Seperate public and private sound enable disable option.

  49. So some of the ideas for gifts to have in the new chat:
    sexy lingerie
    massage oils?

    particular types of candy or ?

    perfume? or would that be – I’m not sure..

    also note to check on disabling showing people entering / leaving the room.

    I’d like to have the kiss animation without the love you part – but that is me..

    some stripping or dancing animations would be cool..

    more ideas coming.

  50. […] course we also take suggestions about the site on the site suggestions page as […]

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