EASC Membership Options


Our current system will allow for three membership options, which will be updated in the future.

Option number one is free membership – by registered for a free membership you get some benefits such as protected screen name in one of our chat rooms that no one else can use.

Silver – Option number two is a paid membership, which in the future will give you access to voice chat through our media chat room. This option is currently set at $4 per month. This will not be unlimited voice chat, but will be a good amount of voice chat access during a 30 day period of time.

Gold – Option three will give you access to voice and video chat options. Video chat will be limited to 2 hours per month. If you would like more video chat access than that, you will need to contact us for a higher level access. Option three is currently set at $9.50 per month.

These prices and options are subject to change without notice. Paid memberships do not guarantee access to the premium services 24 hours a day, as there may be times when updates and technical issues arise that make some or all of the features of our web site unavailable for some time periods. We are not responsible for technical issues that occur with your computer or internet service.

More info will be coming to this page soon.

Currently premium / paid access is available by making payments through paypal. If enough users request alternative payment methods then we will consider adding authorize dot not, or some other payment gateways as well. Contact us for more details.

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