Why you no ban fakes?


We have had a lot of people ask us to ban fakes. In the past we had some moderators that would choose to do this, however this is not allowed. I know many people want us to ban “fakes” – however we are not going to. I will explain a few reasons why, and make some suggestions for ways you can handle this issue in other ways.

why you no ban fakes

First off, I think everyone on the internet is fake.

I mean on the internet I have a 12 inch dick and can fuck non-stop for hours, giving multiple orgasms with just my pinky finger. It seems like every guy on the internet has a 10 inch dick or larger right? That girl who has huge boobs and super tight pussy, is she real? Maybe. Of course we also have to wonder what each person consider huge, and what each person considers tight I guess. I suppose if every guy has a 10 inch dick, then most women can claim they have a super tight snatch also.

I don’t expect most people to come out and say they have a low wage job, a below average penis, and live with their parents when they are trying to attract others to engage in an erotic sex chat.

I love honesty. I don’t expect to find much of it online however, even when reading the news where people have something to lose if their non-truths are exposed.

Okay, I know; most of the complaints are from people who are frustrated that someone is pretending to be a girl and they are not really. So that is a totally different issue than adding a centimeter to your already large cock. It’s completely different to say you have tits and a vagina when you have neither. I get it.

Our sex chat rooms are a place for fantasy and open minded discussions. I am not going to ban people who want to roleplay like they are a transgender person, a cross dresser, a lesbian trapped in a mans body, a gay girl who wants a sex change – whatever people want to be in this fantasy land – let them be. As long as they are only playing as adults – it’s fine.

What can you do?

Use the block button. If you think someone is fake – click the name, click ignore / block user. Simple. Easy. Done.

Keep an eye out. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There really is no way for use to prove that someone is a girl or a guy, or something in between, or both. Not without a live video feed and a doctor who can say. Event then there may be some cases where it’s no conclusive that someone is a guy or a girl, or a girl trapped in a man’s body. Gender seems to be kind of fluid sometimes.

What else should you do?

Avoid jumping into the bandwagon mob mentality calling people out in the room “Oh Username B is a fake!” – how do you know?

You don’t know. Even if you were private messaging with someone and they said “look, I am actually a guy” – they could be saying that to get you to leave them alone. I have seen girls pick guy names just to avoid being harassed by rude dudes.

I have also seen girls come into the chat rooms and someone tries to flirt with them, they get rejected, then that person starts saying to everyone “SuchAndSuch is a fake – she is actually a guy” – I have seen this myself, with someone that I knew was a girl.

So don’t be abusive.

There is no sense in screaming to the whole room that you think someone is a dude, or any other put down for that matter.

When would we ban someone for faking?

So it’s not against the rules to come into the chat with a girl’s name and pretend to be a girl. There are a few cases in which we would ban someone that went beyond faking. For example, someone gets into the lesbian chat room and starts talking with a girl s and lets thing go for a while and then comes out as actually being a guy. That is what I consider to be abusive. That is wrong.

If someone was to get into a sex chat and string someone along for the sole purpose of grossing someone out saying, yeah you just had text sex with me for 20 minutes and I’m a guy. That is abusive, it’s not really playing the part.

However 99% of the issues where I have seen people in this chat room complain that someone is a fake, there has been no proof, and no abuse. Sometimes it is someone that thinks a girl with screen name “HornySlutGirl” rejects you, then they must be fake! I have seen people get into a chat and the other person says ‘I’m a guy, leave me alone” – that may be true, or not true – but that is not stringing you along with the intent of tricking you at the end of a chat.

Also remember, that the internet is a tricky place. There will certainly be those try to trick you for other reasons. So be careful what you say in private and in the open room. If you come off as being overly sensitive to an issue then people may prey upon that. There is no sense in getting roped into something serious.

Don’t take things in a chat room too serious at all. Unless someone was able to show you live video proving they were a girl or a guy, then you won’t ever know for sure. Even if you were to see a “live video” – you would have no way to know that someone did not use some kind of special program to show a recorded video instead of something live. If someone was doing live video with you, and showed proof by showing today’s newspaper with a date and was talking to you by name in the live video feed – would you know for sure they were a girl? I know some guys that look like girls, some even have boob jobs. They could show off some great looking tits and you still wouldn’t know for sure that they did not have a dick!

Even if they showed you some pussy – you could still wonder if they were once a guy and got a sex change.

My point is, don’t take it so seriously. If you think someone is being fake – click the ignore / block user button – let it go. Don’t waste your time on things you think are not real if you are trying to find something that is. The real women in the chat room will likely think more of you for not making all kinds of screaming insults about someone you “met on the internet”.

More on this subject at another time. For now that’s a few thoughts that come to my mind when I see people whining about fake girls in the chat room.

  3 Responses to “Why you no ban fakes?”

  1. I think the Site Admin must be appreciated for making this chat room fun for all. World is changing and people’s opinion about gays are also changing. Why confining gays and lesbians to gay and lesbo rooms, as if they don’t belong in the main chatroom. As he said it is all fantasy, and so guys like to be girls and do naughty things with you. And to tell you the truth I really like these so called fakes. They are better than real girls. We are all faking our names so why does it become such a big issue when someone is faking his/her gender. And people who don’t like kinky nasty things must go back to fb or find some other causal chatroom that suits their interests.

  2. Seriously Man, Did some Indian guy bully you as a Kid.
    You seem to have so much hatred for us. So much so that you made a site just for Us and filled it with fakers to make us all suck cocks. I mean all these posts are born out of pure hatred for Indians.

    Good Luck Hater.

    • @”Yes Indian Despos Deserve this” – no – actually that could not be further from the truth. Once you have time to run through your own thoughts and prejudices – take a break – meditate for a few moments, then read what I am saying here in a different way. You may see things a different way.

      These are the same rules that apply with our other chat systems. It appears that many of the people who use our chat rooms from India and I suspect surrounding areas, seem to be more sensitive and have less tolerance for not only guys that play as “fake girls” – but also people they do not believe. So I am attempting to open the minds of those who would otherwise only think their own way, with their own ego. Some will not understand – and that is okay I guess. It’s not like this chat room is the only one that people in India can use and we force our way of thinking on the whole country.

      There are plenty of options to choose online – our option includes an openness for types of roleplay that you may not like, and if you don’t like the kind of roleplay that we allow, I in no way am demanding that you use our services. I encourage you to explore and find the places that fit in with your narrow mindedness – even create your own site that makes firm rules that are contrary to ours. That’s what so great about freedom of express and freedom of choice.

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