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If you need to contact the webmaster / admins of erotic Asia sexy chat you may use this form below.

Please be sure that you have read and completely understand all of the information posted on our sex chat rules page, and our terms of service page before contacting me. I get hundreds of emails everyday, and do not have time to answer silly questions, especially if the answers have already been posted in our forums pages here.

It may take days before I get to reply to any inquires sent here, sorry folks, I just have very limited time, it is really tough to keep up with everything that it takes to run a good web site these days.

You may find that you can get answers to most questions by posted a comment on one of the forums pages here instead - that way I still get an email notification of your comment / question, and it gets published here so that another moderator may have a chance to answer your question, and other users may benefit from the information posted. So please consider posting a comment on one of the pages for most questions that are not already answered on the other pages.

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  14 Responses to “Contact EASC Admins”

  1. when i try to connect on this site connection fails, please solve this problem. thanking you.

  2. i am not able to connect on this site it says connection failed,please help me to solve this problem.

  3. Hello Admin
    I can not load 123 flash chat on ma mobile only for this site.Other sites 123 flash chat easly loading on ma phone.In this site flash not liading on ma mobile.I canged to all networks such as 2G &3G but i did not get any possitive result.What will i do with this problm.please help me

    • Lucky – I am not sure why you are having trouble loading the chat room here. Did you try the mobile chat page?

      IT could be a temporary issue and be fixed the next day. IT could be a permanent issue as well. There are some ISP networks that we have blocked from being able to access our sites and chat rooms for various reasons. If you are using the same ISP that someone else has used in the past in which we had some major issues with, then your ISP will be blocked from our “broad range bans” – sorry to say if that is the case, then that will likely not change.

  4. Why won’t this site work?

  5. i get connection notice like not connected is it becoz i am banned please un ban me i did not break your rules please.5days i would like to be your regular users so please allow me .

  6. Dear Sir

    i get connection notice like not connected is it becoz i am banned please un ban me i did not break your rules please.One day i would like to be your premium users so please allow me .

    thank you

    • bhargava – we are having many troubles with our internet web server the past month. We are doing all we can to restore and maintain service. All I can suggest is check back each day to see if we have been able to get everything back online.

  7. Hello Admin,
    I had sent you a mail,did you get it?If you didn’t,may I re send it?

  8. I love you bebis

  9. Admin, i already have send you mail… i belong to old reg chat use.. plz send me password to my mail. thank you!!

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