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Have a complaint about one of the chat room moderators? Or forums moderators?

Here is a page where you have several options for filing a complaint.

If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com – if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

You can also submit a comment in the form below, and you can choose to use your real screen name or just type anonymous. All replies made here on this page will be first sent to moderation by the site admin, “Nash”, unless you have already posted a comment (and had that comment approved) somewhere else on the blog. If you already had another comment “approved” on one of the blog pages, then your comment left below in the reply field will be posted immediately, and all the world will be able to see your comment, and the name you have typed into the name box.

Only the site admin “Nash” will be able to see the email addy  you enter into the field below, and your associated ip addy. This info is to keep spammers out of the comments, and provides a way to show gravatars or globally recognized avatars next to your comments.

You could type in a fake email addy – just know that our auto-spam reduction system may auto-delete certain messages (comments that have lots of links or talk about erectile dysfunction drugs, etc).

  73 Responses to “Moderator Complaints”

  1. make rough gentleman admin again…that guy is useful and hard working….bans only fakers….and he is a friend too!!

  2. Dear Admin,
    I am female and a regular visitor of your website. Last Thursday I was ‘kicked out’ of the Lebian room just after entering. I didnt break any rules, i didnt even get time to text anyone.
    please do take a note and remove the block…

  3. hello admins,
    i have been using this site for a long time now and i have been through your rules and regulation.
    i was banned for using two ids at once but as far as i have seen in the rules that is not a violation or a reason to get banned without any warnings at all.i was banned by admin rough gentleman. please take the matter into your consideration and take the ban off my id and also i think that the chat admins must give a warning in the future before banning any user in future.

  4. pls bring some good moderatores like admin kathiri and not like admin-rg who is baised in all..

  5. you should i banned in the site pls reply to my ID

  6. plz unbannd me

  7. just tell me why i was banned

  8. I was being banned…..I was sitting idol doing nothing …..there was no question of breaking any norms…..stil i went thru all the norms again nd again….didnt find anything that i cud hv violated……admin rough gentleman was the mod then…..I got no warnings either…..Mods job is difficult cud be a mistake but i really wnna know the reason for which ive been banned coz rite now i cnt find any………

  9. Good Day

    I have been using this for a long time and was enjoying it but the mod mr. admin is busy in chatting with girls and banning boys. If some girl complains to Mr. admin the boy is banned asap as i am banned from the site just for asking a girl for using her cam. Pls if you guys want smooth running of this site you guys must be more careful regarding the mods. i am a regular visitor and was this site since 7 months it never happened but today a girl talking to mod and i was also talking to the same girl and the girl told me wait i tell admin to ban you and within a minute i was banned. If you are selecting mods who can talk to girls and do whatever they says then u better have to thick on this.

  10. i hope there is something wrong with the moderator…as soon as i entered the site i was banned…is it written in ur rule book that once ppl enter they will be banned….hope i will get a satisfactory answer from moderator why i was banned ASAP.

  11. i m a regular visitor of dis site ….today when i login …straight away i was banned…..i think i have not violated any rules of the site …and dont know the reason why i m banned….

  12. wot d hell…..i have been banned….i was chatting wid somone n suddnly dis notice appears dat i hav been banned?…may i knw y…dis is a sex chat site…n i was sex chatting wid somone…now dont tell me dat it is an offence…..i want my bann to be removed n y i hav been banned fr nothing

  13. I have been banned,i dnt knw y….i was chatting 2 guys started abusing,i kept quite since i have to obey site rule.after some times i have been banned.whts this?moderator using its power for unimprovement of this site?

  14. hi Nash..I am a very regular visitor of this site..i enjoy it alot..i was chatting to someone in the room.and suddenly i was muted by admin-rough gentleman..and after i was unmuted by the system.i asked him the reason..he says that i had posted my no. on the site..which i havnt..and i asked him when did i? he just dint have any does it mean that if somebody is a moderator or a admin can do anything?? That is really unfair man..!!

  15. sir i’m not able to enter the chat . it says you have been banned.

    • ajith – you are banned. Sorry, but that’s what that means. You should have understood the rules we have here and followed them properly.

  16. some of my friends logged in from my device as sital ,tasan, tiny and sriya . when i logged in as sriya at around 4 pm by admin (rough gentleman ) i was banned and now i am unable to access the site as it says u have been banned. kindly unban me as i am unable to access free text sex chat site for which i shall be grateful to you !!! thanking you !!! pls. help !!!

  17. ive been banned sir/mam.I love this site!!..ive been using it for months and ive had no problem.I dont understand what it is that im banned.Can i continue chattin?

  18. I was banned couple of days back since some random guy said I am a male and supposedly I told it to him. Please check my chat logs to verify if. I was banned by admin-rough gentleman. And tell moderators to ban only after verifying.

  19. I have been banned now.. i dont knw y.. plzz am sorry if i had done somethin wrong.. i wanna get back into d website.. plzzz get me back in..

  20. testing comments here.

  21. Hi,
    Just hoping the site is online soon.

  22. Today was banned all of a sudden dunno for what reason as i wasn’t even warned or muted initailly..kindly look into the issue and unban me

  23. why am i blocked wht have i done wrong?

  24. this is redicolus if soniikudii gets bad words from anyone they will kicked or baned and what about others either do justice to all by kicking out such adim like indian prince or close ur site before lossing ppls here

  25. nash u r thinking to improve the site but here some ppls r missusing the powers of adim that is done br soniikudii and she using adim indian prince to her effects and she is acting like a queen here and i think rules should be and equal and applied for all and adims also and chosing id names and changing the id name when required its left to thier own and its there rights as i think and if a person kidds and tesses little about sonnikudii he will be banned by ip and this is nt fair only doing favor for one person and doing injustice for another person if continues like this i think ppls coming here may be decreased if adims like indian prince does favor for 1 person like this again and againi know he is adim from long time but as i said justice should be eaual and applied for all even he ia adim also i hope u will resolve the issue very rapidly and consider this as serious issue and i know that he is adim in old site also but how should he favor 1 person as adim here and he adim ip rarely visites this site so plssssssssssss kindly reconsider this issues dnt allow this issue to build more and kidily consider about my compelent about adim its nt fake complent and this true things happining in this site since i am seeing for nov 2012 its the issues is becoming serious and now if u dnt consider this means u may loss ppls here for adim like indian prince and soniikudii i hope u will warn and take action against them as a owner of this site and thats ur responsiblitly to do justice for ppls come here and soniikudii is behaving like queen of this site so plsssssssssssssssssssss kindly consider this as serious issue and warn adim indian prince and soniikudii offcouruse they can be friends but here in site adim is adim nt anybody friend i hope u understood what i told and take a right decission and do justice for ppls before lossing there faith on this site………….

  26. Hi
    I have been banned now.. i dont knw y.. plzz am sorry if i had done somethin wrong.. i wanna get back into d website.. plzzz get me back in..

  27. Hi
    I have been banned now.. i dont knw y.. plzz am sorry if i had done somethin wrong.. i wanna get back into d website.. plzzz get me back in..

  28. plzzzz let me enter the chat room….m sorry rough gentlemen..i neeed to use ur website and funn plzzz

  29. Hi,
    I was kicked out of a room by admin-rough gentleman for saying that I sometimes pretend to be a female when i am alone. I did not pretend to be a female. I did not say that i pretend to be a female in chat rooms. I just said it as a joke to a girl who was saying that i am not pretending to be girl. The moderator warned me, i said that i am not pretending to be a girl, just joking that i do that when i am alone sometimes. There is nothing wrong or against the rules in that. He just kicked me out! I want to know the reason, because i have read the rules and i did nothing wrong.

    I hope some action is taking against admin-rough gentleman for abusing his powers

  30. i am unable to enter the chat room pls forgive me

  31. i think i have been banned.Can this ban be taken off??

  32. HI ,

    i am banned by the administrator due to that 1 am unable to access the chat rooms.
    please take of this ban and allow me to enjoy the chat rooms.

  33. hello admin please allow me to use your chat rooms i think i am banned but i did not break rules

  34. hello admin i am here because i am unable to access the chat room .i dont know wat i voilated or its just a moderator fault please allow me to chat and let me know why i was banned

  35. i think i am banned by the administrator.:-( i am unable 2 access the chat rooms.
    please take of this ban and allow me to enjoy the chat rooms.

  36. Unbann the user name “prine for princes” banned by someone wrongly
    It’s mistake kindly help

  37. Today also i saw that i have been banned.I think there is some big mistake committed by the moderator.Please remove my ban.Or reply me the reason for my ban.

  38. I saw an *extremely* long winded explanation for why Indians have been essentially banned from the entire erotic chat site. Segregation online.
    Simple one would be – we dont like you Asians messing up our fine erotica experience. We get it. So enjoy your privacy without us rude uneducated pesky Indians.

    I was using the site for a long time, and have been traveling around and accessing from different countries, and it’s sad to see prejudice in the online world. Basically erecting the same walls people have in the real world. Happy to never again use your services.

  39. Hi,
    I want to become an Admin please help, what shud i do in that case.

  40. dear mam / sir
    I m not abl to enter the chat room, the msg coming u hav been baned
    Can u clarify, why I had banned

  41. Looks like I’m banned for no reason, Unable to connect to the chatroom anymore. It says connecting & I am moved to a blank area

  42. I am unable to enter chat. Why am i banned from this site? have i violated some rules? I want to enter again.

  43. DONT KNW WHY I AM BLOCKED …its happening for the second time …now its too long … i need to get back to this ..please inform me ..why i am blocked

  44. Why i was banned without warning? how can i be unbanned

  45. It seems that i have been banned as i am not able to enter the chat room..pls let me enter it..what should i do now to enter into the room??

  46. i am not getting access to lesbian room.why?

  47. hai

  48. WONDER WHY I WAS MUTED/BARED BY THE ADMIN,,Indian Price,,He says i was using some other language other then English,,Wonder why should i use any other language which i dont even know,Moreover when i was typing,what i was getting on screen also was english,Wonder why this men has behaved the way he look into the matter

  49. respected sir/madam,
    i am not able to enter in free chat room since last 4 days..when i try to enter in chat room,”loading skin” remains continuesly there on screen..and i can’t go beyond that and can’t enter in to chat room..why is this occuring??am i banned??plz,reply..thank you..

    • ankush – I have that same problem with the newer version of firefox on my laptop. I do not get this problem with the latest version of firefox on my desktop. So it must be a plugin to firefox, or perhaps the different anti-virus / firewall setup I have.. BUT with the laptop system I use that does not load all the way in firefox, I find that it loads all the way just fine using Internet Explorer. So give it a try with a different browser to see if it works for you that way.

      Then I would also highly recommend you google search for adobe flash – and get the latest update, then google search for “java” and make sure you have up to date java plugin for firefox as well. These things do make a difference!

  50. Respected sir/madam,
    i dont knw why i m unable to enter the chat rooms….i hope i hv not violate any chat room rules….so please let me allow to enter ….and if not kindly intimate me the reason why i am banned….:(

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