What it takes to be a sex chat moderator


So over the years I have gotten a lot of questions about how someone becomes a moderator of the sex chat room. Well it’s quite a process as far as the backend administration goes, and there is a lot involved in being a moderator here as well.


If someone really wants to consider becoming a mod, I suggest you think about this:


Imagine for a moment that you have complete moderator abilities – you can kick and permanently ban anyone on the site. Now think of the three things that piss you off the most (that you see happen on the site). Think it about, see it happen. See that text come across the screen. Those three things happen, all in a row, from three different people.


Now, If one of those things were spamming for a commercial site, and another was saying they were not yet eighteen years old – then throw those out of this exercise. Now focus on the things that those people just did in the chat room.


do you click the name and click “kick” – do you click the name and click “ban”?


If you did, then you are not going to like the rules that the moderators must follow. You would also most likely not keep moderator status for very long if you got it in the first place. The ability to kick and ban users is rarely allowed by the site admins if the user is doing anything other than spamming for a commercial site or is projecting themselves as being not yet 18 years old.


A majority of the moderation is spent educating users about the rules and not kicking people – even when the majority of users would like to see that person kicked.


Becoming a mod – how it happens


There is the consideration process that the would-be-mod must go through. Before someone can become a moderator, then have to read and completely understand the etiquette rules, the site’s terms of service, and the 30 or so pages of moderators procedures and mod notes / mod discussion area. There is a lot of reading involved, (I think one of our newer moderators said it took about 4 hours to read all the mod discussion area? and because of that it was about a week before they could take it all in and consider further) and it’s quite a lot to understand and agree to.


The mod rules are strict, and keep the mods from kicking for 99% of the things that piss you off – if you can’t handle that – then the job is not for you.


For the administration portion of becoming a moderator, once someone is being considered, we put their name up in the mod discussion area for votes from our current mods. If any one of the mods chimes in with some reason that someone should not be a moderator, then they are out. Basically it only takes one black ball from one of the current mods and someone it takes out of the running. If someone makes it through that discussion and voting process and everyone gives a thumbs up, then we may grant temporary moderator status, like a 30 day trial to see how things go, and how things are handled, and if we get an any complaints. Then we go from there.


Sometimes moderators choose to resign the position, as it is a lot of work, and takes away from the fun. Sometimes we revoke a mods status for various reasons as well.


If reading this and the comments below here have not scared you enough already, and you would like to further consider volunteering for the moderating position, then you could send an email to me (site admin / Nash) at adultwebmasteronline@yahoo.com – In the email you send, please include the following:




Screen name(s) you use in the chat

the general time window that you get in the chat (and whether your times are in EST or GMT, etc)

Names of any enemies you have made in the room

Names of any friends (don’t list more than 5 please)

any moderating, internet or real world experience in policing, refereeing, etc you may have

an agreement that if you are given access to the mods only discussion area, that you will keep ALL info contained within completely confidential – not to be shared with anyone, copied, saved, or used in any way outside of this web site, ever, or with anyone aside from current moderators and site admins.


I may post some of the info you send in the email to the password protected-moderators-only-discussion area in order to get feedback from the other moderators. If you send some details in the email that you would be uncomfortable with me sharing with the other moderators please mention this in the email. I normally will not share an entire email anyway, but it does help to point out some things like times and groups of friends and stuff so the other mods can get an idea of who we are talking about that is up for consideration to become a new mod.

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  1. hey nash am a very old in this site so plz i request u to make me a moderator i pledge tat i do my job very honestly without any self revenge so i hope u concern me,thanks

  2. i want to become a moderator.help me out about procedure

  3. I got banned for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ppl who r complaining that you have been banned fr no reason you need to know that there is a log of rules that you must follow if found violating any you will be banned and mod and admins are well knowledgeable about the rules they never ban you for no reason… and if u have any doubts pls read the rules again

  4. i lik the chat..however i do see some nuances tat may need attention from time to time…its is sex chat..but der are some rules that need abiding…i feel i would fulfill this need in maitaining order and moderate the rums…bin a chat surfer for mor than 6 hrs a day…indian std time log in at 6 p.m..upto 2 a.m mornin…

  5. I did not use any abusive language, did not provoke any body, did not post a link, in fact did not violate any of the so called rules. i went on to ask the admin not to ban anybody instantly. they all should be warned first and i only said, people here are fake with no real names. doesn’t anyone get that? isn’t it the truth? the admins are misusing their power. they should be educated with the rules and ethics of the site in the first place. mods should have at least enlightened me about my mistake. i was asked to leave the site and banned immediately. i don’t want to visit the site anymore. but please do consider about this. thank you.

  6. I like sex chat

  7. I like sexchat n more friend

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