Premium Global Chat Request


For users who would like to request access to our global sex chat rooms there are a few options.

First option is to pay a $5 monthly fee to be granted access to the international / global text chat rooms.

Another option is to request a free pass by using the form below. A free pass will only be given to users who were frequent / regular users “regs” of the old chat system before, and those who have not been repeatedly banned, and those who can list friends of the old chat as references.

    Your Screen Name (required)

    Your Email (required) to get your password sent


    Your Message include list of friends that you have in the old chat

    Not all user requests will be given a premium pass for free.

    This options is something that has to be setup manually, and that takes time. Also understand that I am just one guy trying to get all this done, and I have to sleep and eat and stuff like that – so please have some patience.

      2 Responses to “Premium Global Chat Request”

    1. […] long. Any current regular user or “reg” that has friends from around the world in this chat can request a free pass to the premium / global chat (old system) section. I even created a friendly new form just to request a free premium global chat access pass here. […]

    2. ok take u r time , i was really very much relaxed when ever i used to visit my friends on u r site i will be thank full if u can give me free pass
      good luck
      take care

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