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Over the years our lesbian sex chat rooms have been very popular, and having a popular place where many women hang out looking to chat always creates it’s own unique set of challenges. Some of these issues are the same issues that we have in the other chat rooms such as the main lobby, but it seems that some of the issues are magnified by the nature of the lesbian sub culture, and those who attempt to prey upon the higher ratio of women in a certain setting.

Women have asked me many times over the years to make the lesbian chat room for women only, and to kick out any males that enter the lesbian chat room. As to where that solution sounds easy and simple, I do think that it would work as well as it sounds. We do offer a very simple solution that any and hopefully all of the woman in the lesbian sex chat community will embrace however.

I promise you, that if all the girls in the lesbian room will use the “silence” and “ignore” buttons on any men that enter the room – then they will not be able to bother you whatsoever. This is the best solution to the problem of annoying guys who come into the room, and it also gives the individual the opportunity to choose whether or not they want to engage in conversation with any men there at all.

We could create a second lesbian chat room that is for registered members only, and perhaps give that room a special “registered members who are women only” description – but for now, with the current open registration system, I think we should keep this room more open, just like the gay bars and lesbian bars that we have in the city where I live.

Currently in my city, there are several lesbian bars, and they do occasionally have a ladies only night, or block of time, but in general they are open to gay, bisexual, and straight men, women, and transgender. You will not see many men in these bars, because they are simply ignored by the girls. Most of the men that you will find in the lesbian bars are gay men that are there just to talk with their friends – not to try pick up girls. There are the occasional straight or bi guys there, who may be with some straight or bisexual girls, but they certainly do not act like some of the idiots that come into the lesbian sex chat rooms online.

So for now, with the current open room, we will allow guys to enter – but they will likely not find anyone who wants to engage them in a sexual conversation, will likely have most, if not all, of the girls place them on ignore – and will find that the lesbian room is not the most friendly place for them to to attempt to find girls to get into sex chat with.

Will we kick guys out of the lesbian sex chat room?

As I mentioned above, we will not kick or ban guys simply for entering the lesbian room, but if a guy comes in and starts talking about his dick, starts to offer cock, has dick or cock or similar words in his screen name, or uses language that a majority of the females in the lesbian room feel is offensive, then he will be kicked from the room.

If a guy was to walk in the lesbian bar here in town, and then start yelling to the whole room that he has some dick for whoever wants it – we would be chastised by the girls there, and would likely be thrown out on his ass. If a guy came in started whispering to every girl in the bar that he would like to have sex with them, then he would likely be thrown out. A majority of the women would find that offensive.

So, no we will not kick guys out just for entering, but they will need to maintain a different level of being discreet in the lesbian room than they would need in the other rooms. I also encourage the girls in the lesbian room to educate the other girls about use of the ignore button – because if you all stand together and ignore each annoying guy completely as a group, not only will it be impossible for the guys to bother anyone, they will stop going in there.

I think this will solve 99% of any issues. Of course there are some other issues, I know all too well, but I am not going to get into those right now at this moment. I am still open to the possibility of created a second, registered members only lesbian sex chat room as well – and we can have more firm rules about men there if you would like.

This is my first draft of this page, and I welcome comments and suggestions from the community in the comments here.

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  1. i find this solution nice, but the problem is every woman should co operate in doing this. not every woman in the lesbian room will reply everytime i feel. some women are just too reluctant to reply even if they are having any problems. But, as you have directed us now, I will surely continue to ask women in the lesbian chat room to use the ignore button .

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