Jun 112012

For those of you that really liked the old chat system we had, I need to know, what did you like about it? I have had some ask me about making the old chat room ystem available, and it is something that I have considered a few times. In order to do that, it is going to cost me more than $500 in licensing fees however. So I need to know, should I add some features to the current chat system (or consider adding some more features to the newer flashy one we are about to launch) - or what?

In order to have a better idea of what everyone is looking for, I need to know - what it is that everyone liked about the old chat system? Comments below here will be considered.

Of course we also take suggestions about the site on the site suggestions page as well.


  6 Responses to “Those that liked the old chat, what did you like?”

  1. i visited the site quite often and the best part was to connect wid ppl on a global level rather than just locals.. thats the part am missing.. hv never abused the independence given to connect with so many ppl all over the world.. really hope to get connected on again, not just with asia specific but on a wider level.. lemme know if its possible.. thanks !

  2. i like

  3. old one was simple to use. we didnt have to give email id or things like that. I loved it. But the new one is pathetic

    • Vskysakh S J –
      So the old one was simple to use.. but if you used the old one, then you should have no trouble using the new one – sure it has more features.. but using the basic features should not be difficult right?

      With this one, you currently do not need to give an email – you can login as a guest, just click the guest login checkbox.

      Why is the new one pathetic?

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