Chat Room Not Working?


March 1st 2016 - Approx 6pm EST - We got the chat rooms up and running now! Sorry for the delay downtime!

Feb 28-ish - 2016 - We are upgrading our web hosting server, and all was supposed to work smooth - but there is a problem with the chat rooms running.
After spending hours trying to find the problem, we think we found it... but I have to wait on some new license info to be sent, and those folks are in a different time zone, and I'm not sure how long it is going to take to get the proper info.

Feb 29 8am EST - waiting for the needed update files, going to bed now. Fingers crossed I have some new files to work with when I wake up and can get this thing patched / working again.

Sorry about the issue - and sorry that it's been down so long and it is taking so long to get working again.

If the chat is working for everyone else, but maybe your browser is preventing a proper loading of the chat system, then you can try to:

if you go to this page:

and then hold down the shift key, when you click refresh / reload page - it should work..

with some web browsers, holding down shift while pressing F5 will do the same..

Some browsers, including Chrome, you may need to clear your cache.. and with chrome it may work if you hold down ctrl while clicking F5 or refresh / reload the page.

This forces your browser to pull a fresh page -

Many ISPs in your area will be serving up cached pages.. so it could be your browser.. and it could be your ISP..

but hopefully your ISP will respect a browser's request for a completely fresh page when you hold down the shift key while clicking reload..

Let me know if this does not work for some reason.. contact us page.

Nash Steve

  25 Responses to “Chat Room Not Working?”

  1. i cannot enter in this site its showing me connection failed…..when it will be fixed???

    • Not sure it will be fixed. We are working on one problem right now, and that may fix it all, and that may happen in the next hour. If this fix does not work, then it will be a day or two or more – not sure at the moment.

    • We got it fixed! Chat rooms should be working now!

  2. after loading 123flash screen. pop up displays thta connection fail…. wht to do ???

  3. i cant enter chat room. wt should i do????????? plz help me

  4. I can not load 123 flash chat on ma mobile only for this site.Other sites 123 flash chat easly loading on ma phone.In this site flash not liading on ma mobile.I canged to all networks such as 2G &3G but i did not get any possitive result.What will i do with this problm.

  5. let me in

  6. This chat room doesn’t work, How come?

  7. How should I logout of my account after I have finished in free-chat-rooms… I am not able to login again… Please help me, I just joined today…

  8. From last night I can’t enter the lobby!!! Why?!

  9. I have been banned from one room? Why? i didn’t do anything wrong

  10. Hiii…. good morning ………….. Come 4 fun… Sex chat

  11. i was banned from dis site. plzz solve dis problem. i want to chat.

  12. i m sorry plzz un block me i wont repeat it again

  13. i hv been banned for this site suddenly. plzzz help me out. i want to chat this site.

  14. i cant enter chat room i have been banned wt should i do????????? plz help meeeeeeeeeeee yar any one

  15. I have been banned for breaking the rules. please provide me the access. I apologize for the mistake.

  16. i have been banned so plz now me how should i enter the website

  17. I would like to try out this chat room 🙂

  18. we can talk freely about sex

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