Jun 192012

The Asia sex chat redirect thing is in mostly in effect at this time. A majority of visitors from countries in and around Asia are being redirected to our new erotic Asia sexy chat site.

I know there has been a fair amount of confusion with this redirect surprise, and there has been a lot of discussion and a fair amount of complaints about it as well. Truly I am sorry to have to do this, believe me, I have tried to find other alternatives that would keep all of our chatters together in the same online community. Unfortunately our worldwide popularity and the increasing amount of people getting online everyday has caused some serious growing pains. We have debated this, and several other solutions for some time now.

Why not do something else? Come up with another way of handling the problems that would still allow our friends from Asia to join us in the free chat rooms. We tried.

We tried several different ways to handle the growing problems we encountered with the huge influx of visitors from around the world. Some of the things we tried were successful to a point, but then some of our broader policies and procedures started causing more problems for our regular users we wanted to keep in the chat rooms as well.

A majority of these issues are due to the dynamic nature of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in India and several other Asia areas. With so many rule breakers and constant flooders of the chat rooms we had to resort to massive broad range IP block bans – this was the only way to prevent the massive amount of non stop abusers from re-entering after being banned. There were so many people ruining the experience here for others that we had to ban dozens of people every 20 minutes it seemed. Due to the nature of the dyanamic IP allocation of the ISPs many were using we could not just block one IP at a time we had to start banning entire ranges; 1,000 computer addresses at a time in order to stop these abusive people. Of course doing so also made it impossible for many users who were not breaking the rules to access the chat.

dynamic asia ISP graphic

The graphic above gives you a clue about the severity of the situation, but you can not truly grasp how much of a problem it truly became. There were many other people abusing the chat, spamming, breaking the rules, and using their ISPs lack of accountability and easy ID change to come back and continue to break the rules. There were many more people who came to the chat and were not able to access. I had to deal with hundreds of emails from good users asking why they were banned / not able to access the chat. This became not only a big problem for people like Piya, and Doll, but many others. It became a huge problem for the site admins as well – we had to spend gobs of time dealing with these issues. The abusive spammers and their lax ISPs also made it impossible many other men and women to access the chat rooms – many people that either did not want or did not know how to contact us to inquire about the ban / lack of access. This stuff just spiraled out of control, and I just do not have the time to deal with it – it’s not fair to you, it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to others in your area who want to use an open platform to communicate. It got to the point where I spent more time each day dealing with complaints and questions about bans from people in Asia than I did anything else. NOw considering that dealing with all these issues makes me zero dollars, it pretty simple to see that continuing to spend more and more time every day dealing with these questions and issues made it so the future was either me spending every minute of every day answering questions about bans (most of which were already answered on the rules page and the why broad range bans page) – and zero time working or enjoying time with a good book. I could not longer handle the issues, and there was no end in sight for it getting to be any less work.


I truly tried to provide as much customer service as possible. I really tried to offer as much information and benefit of the doubt when possible. I spent time looking up bans, answering questions, helping to educate users, and much more. Do you know how much money I made helping all these people? Well if you were one of them I helped, how much did you pay? Well multiple that figure of zero time several thousand – yeah the amount is still zero. How many thanks did I get for helping people understand the issues around the bans? Maybe a few. How many cussing, rants, angry abusive messages and emails and complaints and whining and threats did I get over the bans? More than I deserve I assure you.


I tried communicating these issues with internet service providers like Airtel.I engaged in discussions with users about getting static IP address assignments, I even offered to pay the fee for some regular users if their ISP would make it available. None of these things worked.


For a time we started niche rooms like the DESI hot chat, and we tried to suggest that people gather around others who would not mind their communication styles. We discussed non-voluntary isolation as well, but if we did that, then we would be preventing people in India and elsewhere in the Asia area from communicating with others in the various chat rooms.


We tried asking lots of people for ideas, we tried educating the users, and some of our moderators spent gobs of time trying to teach so many the basic rules and etiquette. I fielded hundreds of ban info requests (and have hundreds more waiting in the moderation que). We tried a lot of things to stifle the onslaught of rule breakers, and people from different cultures offending one another. We really tried very hard to bridge the gaps and educate as many people as possible. We made some friends along the way, and have learned quite a bit from one another in the process.


Unfortunately after banning more than 50,000 computer addresses in Asia, the problem continued to grow. If we had continued on the path we were on, there would be more than 100,000 IP addys banned from the chat rooms before the end of next month – and all that would of done is prevent access to many people who did not deserve to be banned. At some points I actually considered simply banning the entire countries completely from the site. Some of the smart tech people in these countries would just find more and more methods to return and try to play by their own rules, knowing they would get banned, and just change things with their ISP to return and continue their bad behavior – they knew there were rules, they knew they were being warned and banned – and they spent more energy trying to get around the bans than trying to have the respect needed to allow others to enjoy the free chat here.


Now there were other solutions discussed as well. We talked about making the chat system registration only – where each and every person who came to the free chat would have to register using a valid email address. We discussed many other methods to deal with these issues trust me. Every single idea or change had it’s pluses and had it’s down sides as well. We talked about translating rules, doing short kicks to the rules pages, and many more things. We tried some of them, and we decided that the down side of some ideas would make it not worth it for too many.


I know this is a big change, and some people are complaining about the lack of warning. I understand that issue, and perhaps I should of started posting more notices in the chat room itself to warn people of the upcoming changes, sorry about that. I did post a notice in the public blog section a couple days before the change, but more importantly I am offering a way for regular users to re-access the global chat through a simple password system.


So certainly this was a big deal and surprise / shock to many who are in Asia and trying to return to the site in order to talk with friends, and a surprise to those who have friends in Asia and can no longer connect with them through the chat here. Well there are some options for that as well right now, and some more to come.


First off, anyone that wants to connect with their friends in Asia can check out the new chat rooms we have going at the erotic Asia sexy chat site – there are some very cool features with the new chat there, and I think many will enjoy it.


Secondly, there will soon be a peeps type online community at the Asia site where people will be able to chat, create groups and private message each other – more on that later.


Another option I have given is a premium access from the Asia site to reconnect with the global chat we have had here for so long. Any current regular user or “reg” that has friends from around the world in this chat can request a free pass to the premium / global chat (old system) section. I even created a friendly new form just to request a free premium global chat access pass here. It’s not automatic, it has to be done manually, and to keep things secure and private only I can add these free premium accesses available. So it may take some time, I can’t be online just waiting for a request 24 hours a day.


So far I have granted the access to about 24 of 25 people. So most are getting the access they request, and I think everyone is getting that access within 24 hours. Now I won’t be giving access to those people who have been banned for breaking the rules several times, and it won’t be given to just anyone who asks, they need to already have some friends / references for the “old chat” here. I imagine that these requests will trickle down quite a bit over the next couple of weeks, and so if I need to go out of town or whatever I certainly can’t guarantee that I can make it happen in 24 hours for a request next month, but I think most people who want the access will be asking for and getting it in the next week or so.


I have placed the info prominently on the /Asia site, so it’s easy for people to find there now. This was not so at the initial launch, as we had some serious technical problems during the initial redirect and it took tons of time just to get the temporary chat up and running and then to switch things to the newer chat that is there now.


The Erotic Asia Sexy Chat is not finished – there is much more to do to make it even better than it is now, even though it is already a pretty cool web site in my humble opinion. There is more on the way, and of course there we have a site suggestions page where I am open to new input from the users as well. It’s mostly in the beta testing phase, so expect more abrupt changes as we test things out.


It has been my intention to make this move a smooth one, but it had some bumps in the road that took a lot longer to get where it is right now, sorry about that, it was not expected, but once it was started it needed to be done.


I have really been trying to make the best options happen for the most people, to make the changes smooth and as painless as possible. Everybody wants things to be better, nobody likes change.


In my effort to make things better here I have been putting off other important projects that are offering really good money for quick work. During the past so many weeks I have been putting off other projects while trying to make this place better. Whatever we do, it is not going to make 100% of our users 100% happy. I think at this time we have done the best we can with the resources and options we have available. Of course like everything else around here, we do listen to the people who visit, and take the comments both positive and negative seriously. There have been a couple of times when we changed things back to a previous state, and so I am keeping that option on the table – but for now I think we should embrace these changes and move forward to make the best of them.


There are many bonuses to the current situation, so hopefully most of us will enjoy these bonuses, and move forward with these new options, and things will just keep getting better and better.


The main purpose of this was to make the chat rooms better for a majority of people, the second main purpose of this is to lighten the load on our overworked moderators. I think we will achieve these goals, and not just for Americans who are using the global chat, but I think everyone in Asia will enjoy the new chat options that are offered on our new sister site as well, and probably get less flack from the other users. Of course we have the premium bridge options open as well. Maybe this will cut down on some of the constant issues we have been facing, but for now it has more than doubled my workload. In the end I think we will have less bans, less broad range bans, and our chat rooms will be more open and more accessible than before. Of course with most things there are unintended consequences that we may not be aware of yet, and so we may be in for even more big changes (right now I am thinking there is a possibility of forcing an registration process for the Asia site as we need more moderators there) – but there could be any number of issues and changes on the way – we’ll see!


I hope everyone realizes that this change is mainly due to the dynamic nature of the ISPs so many people use to connect to the internet through most of Asia.


When I heard that some people complained that their redirection was a racist act it really made me kind of angry. It just goes to show that for one you really don’t know me, and how non-racist I truly am. Two – maybe I consider that word with a different meaning than the one other people attach to it. So I looked up the word and by technical definition I could see how you could make that statement – trust me however that this move is being made with prejudice and not racism. This move is about being prejudice against the dynamic ISPs that throughout Asia make it easy for abusers and provide little know way of fixing grievances we have with their users. Seriously most of the people I have met from Asia are totally cool with me, I have enjoyed learning much of how things are in their part of the world and cultures, and I hope to be able to travel there and see so many things to learn so much more. I don’t mind there being people in the chat room from India, Malaysia, China, or anywhere else in the world, regardless of political affiliation or religious beliefs or any of that. I don’t care what color you are, if you are rich or poor, super smart or just an average person – you have my respect up to the point that you start braking the rules here and start ruining the free chat experience for other users. When someone starts flooding (sometimes called spamming) the room – it’s over, my respect for you is gone. I am not one to judge an entire group of people based upon the actions of a few either. The internet Service providers who make it impossible to identify and stop the abusers on the other hand – now those ISPs, yes I have started to be judgmental about them for sure.


Yes we have rules breakers from America, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and all over the world – but a majority of these rule breakers are easier to deal with, as a single IP ban often blocks them. For the few serial rule breakers we have run into from these countries we have had no problems with contacting their ISPs and having abuse complaints handled in a professional and timely manner. With most of the Asia rule breakers we have been forced to broad range ban thousands of people just to stop the consistent rule breakers – and that is not fair to the other users from Asia who have found themselves banned due to bad behavior of others. It’s also not fair for our moderators, and for me as the complaint admin to constantly explain to 50 people a day why they are not able to connect and how it may not be fair to an individual to be banned based upon his or her neighbor’s bad behavior – but those were the only options we have had for some time now.


These problems with the dynamic ISPs and lack of timely and effective abuse complaints are not limited to just our web site, we have found through other research that may other sites are experiencing similar issues – whether it’s a huge amount of hacking attempts from China, or the flood of spammers that are constantly abusing sites from Russia and the Ukraine – with some countries, and some Internet Service Providers, there is a hugely disproportionate amount of abuse from several people that are ruining the free and open internet experience for entire groups of people – many sites are now blocking all internet traffic from entire ISPs in China, Russia and several other countries’ ISPs. This is not about racism, it’s not about ethno-prejudice or whatever you want to call it – it is simply a case of many bad people using Internet services that are easily abused – and when other good people try to connect to the net with the same service, then they are not getting the same access that other people from around the world are able to.


I help to admin a social network with another web site, and another site’s forums as well – when you look at 20,000 visitors from Russia in a week, and see that only 10 of those are real people looking to communicate, and the other 19,990 visits were from spam bots using up web server resources, you have to make some decisions about what is best for the global audience. When you look at the sign ups for our social network and you see that over three months 2 people from China signed up and attempted to actually make friends, yet there were 500 fake spam signups, and 2,000 automated bot hacking attempts all made from 13adata Internet Service provider – we have little choice but to block the entire network – that possibly affecting 100,000 people from ever accessing the site again – but it is something that we have no choice in doing – it sucks for those few people who will never be able to use those services, but there is no other way to prevent the server abuse.


At least with this Asia redirect we are not simply banning all the users from Airtel and other ISPs that make it so easy for abusers to take advantage of their service, we are offering instead a different place for people to chat.


I would like to suggest that people in India, China, Russia, the Ukraine and other Asia countries, realize that these issues are not limited to this sex chat site. With these constant problems, it is essential that you start to take steps to educate other people in your area about having better manners on the internet. It is essential that your Internet Service Providers offer better ways to handle abusive users, including a support team that actually does something to stop them, and finds more ways to offer static ip addresses. It is essential that governments such as Russia take stronger measures to stop hackers and spammers with tougher laws and real enforcement of them. These issues are already out of control, and if they are not dealt with soon, many more people will find themselves isolated from accessing services around the internet.


I know there may be more pressing and important issues that people need to deal with on an education level and government mandate level – sure – we need more education about the proper use of antibiotics in India especially to prevent MSRA, we want governments to make more green energy available (and kudos to Russia for making progress on the amount of gas that is simply burnt off in the production of gas) – We want better protection for health and worker’s rights and all kinds of things. However for those of you who were really pissed off that we now redirect the visitors from Asia to a different chat, get real with yourself. You know that there were tons of your neighbors coming to the chat and breaking the rules on a regular basis, you had to know that is in someway made you look bad and add to stereotypes, and did you do anything to stop it? Did you do anything to educate the other users who were constantly spamming? Did you call your ISP and ask them to provide static IP address assignments? Did you ask your ISP to provide better support for web sites filing abuse complaints? Did you do anything to help? Did you do anything to prevent this?


Were you one of those people that did not read the rules? Were you one of those people that got frustrated when you tried to access the chat and found you were banned? Were you one of those people who wrote emails and made comments on the blog about being banned and wanting someone to lift it? Were you someone that took advantage of our free services and did not respect the etiquette that was asked?


If you were not a problem user, and did not take up any of the moderators or site admin’s time, then I truly appreciate you, and I am sorry that you may be getting stuck with a different system thanks to other people in your area abusing our system, and the apparent inability of your ISP to handle these issues better. If you are guilty of taking up our precious time and or doing nothing to prevent others from wasting our time, then well, you deserve this change as much as “Shan” does.


At the moment I used a list at buzzle to add almost all the countries listed there. A couple days later I wonder if we should add Egypt to the list, and some sites suggest that Russia may be considered part of Asia.. I can see benefits for the site and users in adding these two countries to the redirect list – have to think about this more later.


I have much more to say about these things, but I often think I type too much here at this site, and it would not be the first time people have complained about being long-winded – sorry for that folks – just wanted people to know we have taken their issues seriously and these big changes were not just on a whim. I could go into many more details, but perhaps that will be another post or some comments or something.


ps- the name “Shan” was used to illustrate a point in this post. The name Shan is simply a made up name and does not properly identify our most abusive spammers, flooder, or abuser. I seriously considered posting the name of the worst offender, but in being sensitive to his city / state which he used in his name, I am going to refrain at this time. It is not that state’s fault that some ignoramus used a two word screen name that included it.


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  1. Hey Man…I know it’s a good stop to stop the cause of flooding…but still some users like me who always have followed etiquettes in the room is suffering.

    I’m one of them….I really miss my old friends from the previous site. Is there any way you can get it back?

    You can refer to some screen name users about my attributes if I have been considered

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