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There are thousands of ways to chat online these days, and the options seem to keep growing. Here we feature some of the other options that many people are enjoying for communicating with others around the world. From basic free text chat rooms, to mobile enhanced apps that work with phones and tablets, there are many options for chatting with other people around the world today.

Mobile Chat Options

There are many more options for chatting with mobile devices today than there were just a few years ago. We have a mobile enhanced text chat room on site here now, and there are new places popping up that offer similar functionality online almost everyday. There are also more and more mobile apps you can download to your phone or tablet for connecting with others.

We have been working on a mobile app for some time, but there has been a lot of news and information about mobile apps and lack of privacy in the news during the first half of 2014, and we do not want to rush something to market that has the same security and privacy issues that have been plaguing the more popular apps available today. You can find many different chap apps in the google play market and the Apple iTunes store, and many of them say they have privacy features like encryption or auto-erasing of pictures and text. However the news from the past few months suggest that these are false senses of security, so doing extra research on these apps is highly reccomended.

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search news results about apps

I highly suggest that you search for information about the apps you are considering using in the "news searches" - not just regular seach results. This way you may find some pretty shocking information about how some of the most popular apps have not only had bugs that allowed your data to be saved and copied, but also some companies that have been brought to task for purposely deceiving people about what is done with thier pictures and texts. Of course using search engines to see what other sites and tech blos have to say about the apps you use or are considering using is a good idea too. Just don't take what you see in the top 20 results as being all that you should know. Go back a few pages in search results to get an idea what others have to be issues with the apps you consider using.

A search for "snapchat fcc" will make you think about what you decide to share with that mobile app and others who use it I hope! Some of these apps pretend to auto-delete pics after a few minutes, yet we find there are many ways to save them. So do extra research, do not count on one story to give you the facts, or the reviews that are left in the app stores.

The cam girls and cam guys sections of our site do feature reputable companies that have made thier portals mobile friendly, so you should have no trouble using these professional services with most mobile devices.

TS / TV - Transexuals, Shemales, Chicks with Dicks, Ladyboys

shemales, ts/tg cam video chatSome people love them, and there has been some bigger names in the news with some "trannys" this past year. While certainly not for everyone, some people love getting the best of both world. There are many different varieties of transexual girls / guys doing video sex chat, but there are certainly not hundreds available. You can find everything from basic crossdressers, to guys who have boobs and are nearly impossible to distinguish whether they are a natural woman or if they have had surgery. Our professional cam portal partners do have sections where you can find some ladyboys live online, however you may need to register an account and "like" them in order to know when they are available, as they are quickly taken away to private chat rooms, and it may be a long wait before they are available again.

sexy shemales video chatGiven that there are only so many ts/tv girls doing shows online, you can imagine that they are able to get people to offer quick cash to get into private shows, so if you want to enjoy some time with a shemale online, your best course of action would be to have some tip tokens or private cash dollars in your profile's wallet so you can jump into private before someone else takes them away. I would not expect to see many of the tranny girls available in the free video chat rooms for very long, if at all.

More great places to chat online

We strive to provide the best free chat rooms experience online, and are always working to add new features to make this place better. However our resources are limited and we know that we can not please all the people all the time. So we do suggest some other places around the web that people may enjoy making connections.

If you can download software to your system then you may enjoy some of the major video chat programs like skype, cam frog, and similar programs. We suggest being aware of the privacy policies of these kinds of portals, as not everyone may be comfortable with how information from these services may be shared. However we have noticed that some people really like to use these kinds of direct video chat programs, and often with some social networks such as facebook or adults only space, you will see people posting notices that they have skype, or a similar application, and are eager to share their skype nickname via private message to do some cam to cam action. We have also seen people offering to nude video chat with others using portals like quickvisio and even google hangouts. We will post more information about the ups and downs of these various systems in the forums as people ask questions and share their experiences with them.

Some of the major dating sites also offer chat rooms for registered members to use, and some will allow registered members to cam chat with each other as well. We noticed that adult friend finder, and it's niche networks make this options availabe, and I think it is something that gets used quite often. Of course with most major dating sites, and social networks in general, we find that there are lots of guys offering to cam, and only so many girls who are willing or available, so you really need to stand out with some witty conversation through public or private messaging before you usually land an online "cam date" with these options. Sometimes quick change video chat options like chat roulette may get you into a cam session with someone else more quickly, but you will likely spend a fair amount of time just clicking through a bunch of random dicks on cam before you find someone who is really interesting to chat with. Considerintg the other person usually clicks "next cam" within 5 seconds, it can be a let down, but it's worth a shot depending on the time of day I guess.

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We will feature more discussions about the various chat options in the forums pages. If you'd like to hear more about our experiences with various chat portals, simply suggest on the suggestions page.

Please keep thing fun, and be safe. Pay attention to privacy policies with the various tools that are going around the internet! Remember to be kind, and show respect with others that take time to engage you in conversations, and remember that not everyone is going to understand exactly what you mean when they read your text across their screen.

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