Jun 012012

We have gotten some feedback about the current chat system here having some freeze ups and users needing to reload or refresh the page in order to get messages. I had a feeling that this chat system would be cool with some fancy features, but may not work well as fancy features make it easy to get overloaded and cause problems.

We knew this may be an issue, and that is why we have already starting working with a different chat system to employ here for everyone. Hopefully soon we will release another chat room system that will include some picture options as well. We are also testing another fancy system that will have video chat options too! Considering that our chat rooms do get pretty busy at times, we are also working to re-deploy our old chat system here as well that many people were able to enjoy at the same time.

So hold on Asia peeps - we are probably not going to stick with the current chat system, and have a few other options currently being tested - so look forward to some new options here very soon!

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