Jun 062012

We have been working on further development of our other chat systems for the erotic Asia sexy chat here. We know that there are sometimes problems with the current chat rooms in that people occasionally have some freezes or miss messages - and this is a big deal to us. So we are working on several upgrades / improvements.

There will soon be new options here at the erotic Asia sexy chat, one is a fancy cool chat system that has more features and is sleeker to use than the old chat system some have grown to love at the old sexchat-sex-chat site, I think everyone will really enjoy the cool new features that will be available with this new system that is on the way.

Another cool option will be a couple of audio and video chat options - there are about half way finished, and I am not sure how long it is going to take to get these operational - there are some code fixes that are needed and there may be an issue with bandwidth and server resources, so this may turn into a premium, feature - or maybe we will stick with the one to one chat roulette style thing - not sure yet - but it is something we are developing for this site, and I hope to have some public testing this month.

So whats the hold up and why is it taking so long? Well we have to do some major upgrades - the software it takes to run these fancy chat options needs some serious tweaks to make them secure and to handle the amount of people that we get visiting the site. We are also in need of a server hardware upgrade, and this is a pretty major undertaking. Our web sites have beceom so popular, that all the connections to our chat systems are over taxing the system - this is going to cost us a considerable amount of money to make happen, and it is taking more time than we wanted it to - but we have decided to go ahead and do it. So we are currently setting everything on a new web server that is teice as fast and has teice the memory - so we should be able to serve up all the sexy chat much faster and much more stable in the near future. Right now I think we are looking at this being done within the next week.

So things are taking much longer than we had initially anticipated, and it's taking more time and money to make all this work the way we wanted it to - but we are still working on it - and we are going to make it happen. Coming soon!

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