May 222012

This section of the site is an Asian addon to make things smoother for everyone using our chat and other areas from the Asian area. We hope that our visitors from India, China, Malaysia, and other Asian countries will better enjoy this area of the site once it is completed.

The initial testing and soft launch of the Asia section was in May 2012 - and there may be some things that are not working properly in the beginning of this new area - but bear with us, and please inform us about any technical issues you may encounter so that we can get them fixed.

For those of you in the Asia area that were regular users of our more Americanized section of the site, we may provide a premium option for those users who yearn to join in the old chat rooms - stay tuned for more on that later.

The sex chat peeps community will most likely never again be accessible to our friends in the Asian area of the world however. We are kicking around some ideas on how we could make it work, so not all hope is lost - but at the moment we are working to get some other new things polished, and will probably create a new peeps community / cocial network area right here in the sex chat / asia / forums section. Not 100% sure yet - so hang in there.

That's all I have time to tell right now, I am off to work on some other codes and graphics - chat more later!

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