Jan 282014

We launched a chat rooms upgrade today. I was not expecting this to be seen by the public yet, but some wires got crossed, and the new version became the public version before it was ready!

So I rushed to try to fix the most important things to make them as close to our old version as possible. If you see some things that are missing from this new version that we had in the old version, please let me know by posting a comment below or sending an email.

This upgrade will have a few new features when it is finished. After I get some sleep I will come back to finishing up some of the things that should make it even hotter than before!

  7 Responses to “Chat rooms upgrade today”

  1. Are the new functions added? Is the new version ready? when will the admins be added again? Site is not getting any attention and needs an admin .

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  3. When the admin functions will be restored. Now we see lot of abusers and could not do anything.

    • Alpana – I am working on a new admin functions panel and it is almost ready. Maybe a few more days before it’s ready unfortunately.
      I also need to get some input from the users on how we should modify the admin procedures, and if we should adapt the rules in a new way as well.

  4. Some more things yet to finish –
    Remove guest ability.
    New admin rules.

  5. A new option to upload your own custom avatar instead of choosing from only premade ones is available now and working it seems!

  6. Some things with the new upgrade – all previous usernames and points / gifts were lost. Sorry I tried many times to port these things over – but everything with the old user data failed.

    The whisper in lobby function is disabled temporarily – it may come back.

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